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Thank you for visiting our website. We also thank everyone for continuous support of our group.

Our goal is to provide "beauty, health, and youthfulness" to customers and establish a happy society together with all the people involved in our group. Humans play a central role in achieving this goal. Our services can be a 100-year brand by respecting individual humans and by strengthening human relationships. As the founder and chairman of the company, I will not only manage our company but also develop group's long-term strategy, familiarize our corporate philosophy, develop human resources, and reinforce the organization to achieve our goal.

"Hairdressers' capabilities" are critical for beauty salons to attract customers. Improving hairdressers' capabilities is essential for the marketing of beauty salons. I believe it important to develop hairdressers with capabilities to preserve and spread their brand values. Such efforts facilitate the establishment of true brand as a proof of customers' reliability, and this reliability attracts new customers. Thus, a "virtuous circle" can be generated. Also, such efforts facilitate the creation of environment where hairdressers can continue their jobs throughout their life, which is one of my desire.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the beauty market in Japan has been declining for the past several years. However, this trend is limited to hairdressing, and cannot be observed for some beauty services, such as nail and eye zone beauty. Many customers will continue to pursue "beauty, health, and youthfulness" as before. Our skills for beauty services should be markedly improved by assessing customers' needs and innovating ourselves.

Japanese beauty techniques have not been successfully spread on a large scale, although they have been ranked top level in the world. Meanwhile, in Asian countries, the needs for beauty services have grown with the increase in the middle-class customers, and thus Japanese beauty techniques and management style have been spread and ingrained in Asian countries for the past several years. Hairdressers in other Asian countries have steadily improved their skills to catch up Japanese beauty techniques.

We should continue to recruit and educate talented people and innovate ourselves. We should leave Japanese beauty culture and techniques, cultivated by many diligent predecessors, to our posterity. Creative and sophisticated beauty services in Japan and business opportunities in foreign countries can be realized only through education and training. We will continue to provide beauty, health, youthfulness, and happiness to customers in order to develop the beauty industry in Japan to the best of our ability.

Naoki Yoshihara, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arte Salon Holdings, Inc.


Naoki Yoshihara

1956: Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
1978: Graduated from the Faculty of Education, Saitama University
2014: Obtained an MBA at Chuo Guraduate School of Strategic Management
1981: Changed jobs to a beauty salon chain and engaged in store development and operations.
Entered a cosmetology school to obtain a cosmetology license at 28 years old and obtained a cosmetology license at 31 years old.
1986: Opened a beauty salon in Yokohama as a sole proprietorship
1988: Established a limited company, Arte Co., Ltd.
Developed career as a hairdresser through training at Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, challenges to many hairdresser contests, and on-site supervision.
Improved business performance through an independence support system for hairdressers as "goodwill franchise" of "Ash" brand mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa and listed on JASDAQ (Jasdaq Securities Exchange) in August 2004.
Acquired 100% ownership of NYNY Co., Ltd. in July 2006 and Style Designer Inc. in January 2007, establishing the largest beauty group in Japan