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We thank everyone for continuous patronage and support of our group.

I, Hajime Ishiyama, was appointed President and Representative Director at the 30th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 27, 2018 and the subsequent Board of Directors. I am the fourth president counted from the first president of the company, Naoki Yoshihara. The Group has received supports from many stakeholders, including local customers, shareholders, business partners, beauty schools and salon landlords for the past 30 years and I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for that.

From the time of its establishment, our group's motto has been "to provide beauty services to local customers to make them younger, more beautiful, and healthier, and to make efforts in order that the customers can enjoy the services more comfortably and conveniently ". We believe that it is our social responsibility to make long-term contributions to local communities through beauty business by means of practicing this, and to realize corporate management that can earn the trust of all the people involved with the Group.

Hairdressing industry is in a drastic change with the declining birthrate and aging population, the decreasing number of new graduate hairdressers, the polarization between design salons and maintenance salons, diversification of methods of attracting customers due to popularization of SNS, increased number of men visiting beauty salon etc. While a number of new beauty salons open day after day, it is said that most of them will be weeded out.

Under such circumstances, the Group's focus is on human resource development. In hairdressing industry, unlike retail industry and food and drink industry, "hairdressers", unique individuals, are the products. Our product values are the technical strength and human nature of the staff. Hairdressers develop not only technical skills but also comprehensive human ability, and we provide the stages where the hairdressers can do their best for our customers, which will lead to creating novel corporate values.

The Group currently develops salons of various brands and business categories with a wide range of service lines, beauty techniques to offer, price ranges. Under the recognition that the core of the beauty salon service is "the hairdressers", we will continue to actively incorporate various changes in the hairdresser industry, challenge and make salons which can receive supports from local customers as best-in-town.

We intend to do our best to build a trusted corporate group and hope that you provide further support and cooperation

Hajime Ishiyama, President & Representative Director of Arte Salon Holdings, Inc.

Hajime Ishiyama

1957: Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
March 1980: Graduated from Department of Economics, Yokohama National University
April 1980: Joined the Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.
June 2009: Seconded from the Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. to Arte Salon Holdings, Inc. Manager of Sales Promotion Department
September 2009: Seconded to Ash Co., Ltd. Manager of General Affairs Department and Accounting Department
March 2010: Director of Ash Co., Ltd.
March 2011: Seconded to STYLE DESIGNER Inc. Director and Administration Manager
March 2012: Transferred to Arte Salon Holdings, Inc.
March 2013: Managing Director of STYLE DESIGNER Inc.
March 2014: Senior Managing Director of STYLE DESIGNER Inc. Executive Vice President of Ash Co., Ltd.
March 2015:Corporate Auditor of New York・New York Co., Ltd.
March 2016:Director of New York・New York Co., Ltd.