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We thank everyone for continuous patronage and support of our group.

Hairdressing industry is accelerating the speed of change, with new business opportunities spreading beyond the existing framework. Our group continues advancements to create new values beyond traditional ideas and realize steady and creative growth that is not affected by economic fluctuations.

Nowadays customers are becoming even severer in selection. In addition, the consumption tendency, putting emphasis on improving quality of life in the mature society, is becoming remarkable in our hairdressing industry as well. In these circumstances we are working hard every day to meet various customers' needs, under the business policy of "high-quality and -sense products at reasonable prices".

"Humans" are the driving force for our creative growth. Beauty business develops while developing "humans." Hairdressers develop general human skills, besides technical capabilities, to create novel corporate values, thereby establishing the foundation to facilitate the growth of our group. We will further emphasize the education of employees, including hairdressers.

As a premise of the business activities, we aim to build a corporate group that fulfills social responsibilities to be trusted, in order to create a happy society with all the people involved in our group. We hope you provide further support and cooperation and expect our future development.

Izumi Meguro, President & Representative Director of Arte Salon Holdings, Inc.

Izumi Meguro

1955: Born in Tokyo
March 1977: Graduated from Department of Economics (named °∆Department of Business Management°« later), Oberlin University
April 1977: Joined Seibu Pisa Ltd.
October 2003: Joined Arte Co., Ltd. (named °∆Arte Salon Holdings, Inc.°« later)
March 2004: Director and the General Manager of Sales Management
July 2006: President & Representative Director of Ash Co., Ltd.
2010: Director
March 2012: Executive Vice President
March 2014: President & Representative Director