Corporate Strategy

Corporate Profile

We believe our human power resource is the best and charming points ARTE presents for customers

ARTE beauty salons are like stages where our staff can perform in the best conditions.

We produce salons to satisfy customers with the creative performance of our designers.

Our business foundation is different from the general franchised restaurants or shops. The skills of our human power resources are what ARTE sells. Our sales points are our skills and hospitality from the staff and the beauty salon rooms are fully equipped containers which give all possible exclusive services to customers. What will affect our business is how many skilled staff with leadership and managing minds we can introduce to a real business scene.

It is important how senior staff lead young staff. We make much of the training environment in ARTE; where young people can learn skills from senior staff. On the other hand there are expectations for working locations with social standards. We always try to choose the best for our business growth; that is combining traditional style and post modern business model in a well balanced way.

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